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Highfields Care Home
Highfields Lane
NP12 1SG
Tel: 01495 225221
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Proprietors: Dr A Waheed,
Dr Uzair & Mrs I Hussain

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Welcome to Highfields Care Home

Highfields Care Home is a registered nursing and residential home based in Blackwood, near Caerphilly in South Wales.

Our aim is to provide, maintain and promote the well-being of the residents, by facilitating an environment of mutual respect, independence and openness. We preserve dignity through understanding individual human rights and nurturing a sense of community and inclusion within the nursing and residential home.

All our residents are encouraged to realise their full potential through life long learning. We aim to offer care of the highest standard, and tailored to the individuals’ wishes and choices, whilst giving our residents their friends and families choice in all aspects of their daily lives.

About Our Residential and Nursing Home

Highfields Care Home was built in 1990 and it was one of the first purpose-built residential and nursing homes in the Blackwood and Caerphilly areas. The home has developed to enable older people from our multi-cultural and socially diverse community to continue living as independently as possible by receiving care and support consistent with their incapacities and disabilities. Many of our established residents, and most new applicants, now require higher levels of care and support than was imagined years ago. We have responded to these changes by improving our material and staffing provision, without losing sight of the founding aim.

Highfields Care Home is a registered residential and nursing care home, and aims to provide high standard accommodation and care for 39 individuals in single rooms. All accommodation complies with the National Minimum Standards.

Career Opportunities

Please see the latest news for details of job vacancies and career opportunities with Highfields Care Home.

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