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Highfields Care Home
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Proprietors: Dr A Waheed,
Dr Uzair & Mrs I Hussain

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Facilities & Activities


RoomPeople who enquire about our accommodation and services are provided with information pack. All inquirers are made aware of our diversity and anti-discriminatory policies and are encouraged to visit the home before continuing with their application. They may then apply directly for a place at our nursing and residential home, although most applications follow an assessment of need made by the local authority social services. This includes an assessment of their financial circumstances, which will determine any funding to which they may be entitled as a contribution to the costs of their accommodation and care.

Dining AreaWe are keen to make our caring environment as “home-like” as possible. However, there are compromises that have to be made in that we are also a workplace and, therefore, are subject to various legal obligations and duties of care. These responsibilities can sometimes seem conflicting and we aim to manage them carefully and sensitively.

Highfields Care Home caters for patients with general and specialist dietary requirements, such as vegans and vegetarians. All meals are prepared and cooked within our own kitchens at the home.

Social Activities

These are arranged for the enjoyment and quality of life of those in our care with the intention of reflecting their interests, wishes and capabilities. At least once a year, we meet to discuss with those in our care, staff, friends, and relatives, any social activities they would like to have arranged. We keep a record of these meetings to confirm who was there, what was agreed. This, of course, does not prohibit suggestions at any time which we thoroughly welcome.

Planning and arrangements are then made to implement the activities programme, which is communicated and explained to everyone in various ways. A written list is kept of what activities, interests, and opportunities for community contact are available and who to contact to take advantage of them. The person to contact is a nominated named person known as our Diversional Therapist. This person knows how to decide upon, organise and implement “activities”.

The therapist devises an itinerary based on the residents likes, physical abilities, interests and mental abilities. Group work is encouraged but individual attention is also provided for.

A typical week may include:

  • Group exercise (armchair if necessary)
  • Music appreciation
  • Reminiscing
  • Discussion group
  • Mobile library
  • Cooking
  • Group craft

Individual work may include:

  • Hand massage
  • Painting
  • Jigsaws
  • Cooking
  • Topical crafts
  • Manicures
  • Facilitating hobbies

Highfields Care Home VehicleResidents are actively encouraged to participate in fete’s and other events during the year. The home tries to employ on a monthly basis outside entertainment such as sing-alongs. Residents enjoy these events and typically will have an evening of films with ice cream in the intermission in our very own in-house cinema.

The particular activities and interests of the resident are recorded on their care plan. Whilst we encourage participation in suggesting activities and being involved we recognise a person’s right not to partake if they do not want to.

Hobbies & Interests

Anyone in our care will have had, at some time at least, hobbies and interests. We consider it a responsibility of ours to help them maintain/redevelop those interests wherever possible and, if circumstances arise, to explore new hobbies and interests.

Just because someone is “in care” does not mean they have lost the interest or necessarily the ability to partake in hobbies and interests. In fact, it may be highly beneficial for them to pursue such things as would be suitable.

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