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Highfields Care Home
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NP12 1SL
Tel: 01495 225221
Fax: 01495 225202
Proprietors: Dr A Waheed,
Dr Uzair & Mrs I Hussain

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Highfields Care Home is a nursing and residential home based in Blackwood, near Caerphilly in South Wales. Please use the map below if you would like to visit us or a relative.

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Visiting Relatives at Highfields

The home operates an open door policy for visiting by relatives and friends. This means in practice that you may visit between the hours of 9:00am and 8:00pm without seeking permission although it would be appreciated if you did check with the staff on duty before entering the main accommodation, outside of these hours you are welcome to visit but please contact the home prior to visiting to inform us you are on your way as the main doors are locked for the night. There is a front door bell to the left of the main door that can also be used for alerting staff to your presence.

We ask that all visitors whether visiting by day or night bear in mind that many of our residents are infirm and that loud noise or unpleasant language will not be tolerated, we also request that whilst residents are being transferred within the main lounges that you wait outside the room in order to preserve their dignity.

We ask in regard to young children that they are accompanied and are appropriately supervised in reference to Highfields open visiting policy.

It was discussed in our Annual Residents/Relatives Meeting on 20/12/2012, to enhance Privacy, Dignity and Safety of our Residents, we will be asking visitors to ensure they visit only during recommended visiting Hours.

Management of Highfields Nursing Home is well aware that visiting residents in the home is an integral part of Health care and can promote the resident’s well being. All residents should be enabled to maintain contact with friends and relatives for the duration of their stay in the Home.

Recommending the guiding principles for the production of Home visiting, takes account of the relevant statuary and legislation requirement. In exercising our Duty of Care to residents, Visitors and staff, priority is given to those issues which promote Health and Safety, safeguarding and promoting Dignity and Privacy.

If you are visiting during meal times to help and support your relative/friend please speak to the manager or person in charge.

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